Rancher Makes it Easier and Faster for Nuxeo Engineers to Deploy Their Application Stacks

 Rancher Makes it Easier and Faster for Nuxeo Engineers to Deploy Their Application Stacks

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Industry: technology

Company Size: 145

The Highlights

  • Offered a 100% single packaging system for all digital infrastructure.
  • Orchestrated 3 users stacks with Prometheus/Tomcat, including over 30 containers and 17 services.
  • Provided a platform that is driven through the API to enhance engineering work in-house.
  • Added a user-friendly GUI to Nuxeo’s internal stack management and container deployment.

The Customer

Nuxeo is a B2B software vendor with a digital platform to help companies manage their business intelligence data. Nuxeo’s solutions take the company’s data, such as videos, pictures, documents, etc. and categorizes them, putting data into places where it is accessible to business processes.

In order to serve their clients, Nuxeo has to be able to meet the customer’s needs at rapid-fire pace. So, they needed a container orchestration vendor to help them move quickly and develop projects efficiently.

The Challenge

In early efforts at containerization, Nuxeo had already seen great benefits coming out of its infrastructure innovations. The challenge was that the organization needed to improve their container deployments to better manage their infrastructure.

New features, scheduling, managing hosts, and other aspects of container management were putting pressure on the staff. There was a need for an orchestration layer that would help make container use efficient, user-friendly and consistent across multiple use cases.

“It’s really the value of a container as a service platform that makes Rancher valuable to us. It allows us to focus on our business value making Nuxeo work as a SaaS offering and not running containers on a cluster of hosts.”

- Remi Cattiau, Senior Cloud Developer

The Results

Rancher helped Nuxeo engineers tie together pieces of their application stack. Using Rancher with application platform tools like Ansible, Nuxeo technicians found it easy and quick to deploy stacks, which helps build a foundation for pursuing a higher level of automation.

Taking Rancher utility one step further, the company also found a way to provision Rancher in different ways for various teams: sales people, support teams and others. This provides even more stack flexibility and a way to work with the abstraction of container deployment to Nuxeo’s advantage.

“With Rancher we can now deploy our own catalogs. This is a game changer as we can write our own templates and deploy our own infrastructure on top of Rancher. It’s all easy to start because everything worked out of the box.”

- Damien Metzler, Software Architect

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