There are default global catalogs packaged as part of Rancher.

Managing Built-in Global Catalogs

Prerequisites: In order to manage the built-in catalogs or manage global catalogs, you need one of the following permissions:

  1. From the Global view, choose Tools > Catalogs in the navigation bar. In versions prior to v2.2.0, you can select Catalogs directly in the navigation bar.

  2. Toggle the default catalogs that you want use to a setting of Enabled.

    • Library

      The Library Catalog includes charts curated by Rancher. Rancher stores charts in a Git repository to expedite the fetch and update of charts. In Rancher 2.x, only global catalogs are supported. Support for cluster-level and project-level charts will be added in the future.

      This catalog features Rancher Charts, which include some notable advantages over native Helm charts.

    • Helm Stable

      This catalog, , which is maintained by the Kubernetes community, includes native Helm charts. This catalog features the largest pool of apps.

    • Helm Incubator

      Similar in user experience to Helm Stable, but this catalog is filled with applications in beta.

Result: The chosen catalogs are enabled. Wait a few minutes for Rancher to replicate the catalog charts. When replication completes, you’ll be able to see them in any of your projects by selecting Apps from the main navigation bar. In versions prior to v2.2.0, within a project, you can select Catalog Apps from the main navigation bar.