You will need to manually enable Istio in each namespace that you want to be tracked or controlled by Istio. When Istio is enabled in a namespace, the Envoy sidecar proxy will be automatically injected into all new workloads that are deployed in the namespace.

This namespace setting will only affect new workloads in the namespace. Any preexisting workloads will need to be re-deployed to leverage the sidecar auto injection.

Prerequisite: To enable Istio in a namespace, the cluster must have Istio enabled.

  1. In the Rancher UI, go to the cluster view. Click the Projects/Namespaces tab.
  2. Go to the namespace where you want to enable the Istio sidecar auto injection and click the Ellipsis (…).
  3. Click Edit.
  4. In the Istio sidecar auto injection section, click Enable.
  5. Click Save.

Result: The namespace now has the label istio-injection=enabled. All new workloads deployed in this namespace will have the Istio sidecar injected by default.

Verifying that Automatic Istio Sidecar Injection is Enabled

To verify that Istio is enabled, deploy a hello-world workload in the namespace. Go to the workload and click the pod name. In the Containers section, you should see the istio-proxy container.

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