Important: RKE add-on install is only supported up to Rancher v2.0.8

Please use the Rancher helm chart to install HA Rancher. For details, see the HA Install - Installation Outline.

If you are currently using the RKE add-on install method, see Migrating from an HA RKE Add-on Install for details on how to move to using the helm chart.

Install NGINX

Start by installing NGINX on your load balancer host. NGINX has packages available for all known operating systems.

For help installing NGINX, refer to their install documentation.

Create NGINX Configuration

See Example NGINX config.


  • Reload or restart NGINX

    # Reload NGINX
    nginx -s reload
    # Restart NGINX
    # Depending on your Linux distribution
    service nginx restart
    systemctl restart nginx

Browse to Rancher UI

You should now be to able to browse to https://FQDN.