Available as of v0.1.7

RKE clusters can be configured to automatically take snapshots of etcd. In a disaster scenario, you can restore these snapshots, which are stored on other nodes in the cluster. Snapshots are always saved locally in /opt/rke/etcd-snapshots.

Available as of v0.2.0

RKE can upload your snapshots to a S3 compatible backend.

Note: As of RKE v0.2.0, the pki.bundle.tar.gz file is no longer required because of a change in how the Kubernetes cluster state is stored.

Backing Up a Cluster

You can create one-time snapshots to back up your cluster, and you can also configure recurring snapshots.

Restoring a Cluster from Backup

You can use RKE to restore your cluster from backup.

Example Scenarios

These example scenarios for backup and restore are different based on your version of RKE.


If you have trouble restoring your cluster, you can refer to the troubleshooting page.