June 1, 2016
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[I am excited to announce that Rancher officially supports Mesos, one of the most popular distributed cluster managers on the market today. Mesos is able to manage a large number of computing hosts and schedule computing jobs to these hosts according to their CPU, memory, and storage needs. ] [But Mesos is much more than a distributed resource manager and scheduler. In the past few years, the ][Mesos community][ has developed a rich set of frameworks to automate the deployment and operations of large-scale distributed applications such as Hadoop, Elasticsearch, Spark, and Kafka.

August 10, 2015
Read time: 8 min

*This post is now a bit out of date. Since posting this article we’ve added full support for Mesos environments directly into Rancher. You can read more about it at * Hi, I’m Sidhartha Mani, one of the engineers here at Rancher Labs. Over the last few months I’ve been working with Apache Mesos, an open source resource manager and scheduler, which can be used to deploy workloads on infrastructure.

March 20, 2015
Read time: 5 min

*This post is now a bit out of date. Since posting this article we’ve released the Rancher container management platform, and added full support for Mesos environments. You can read more about it at * In this tutorial, I will explain how to deploy a Mesos cluster in containers running on RancherOS and then make our deployment portable across different cloud platforms and virtualization systems. If you’re not familiar with Apache Mesos, it is an open-source project that provides an elastic and highly available clustering framework.

February 21, 2016
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*Quentin Hamard is one of the founders of Octoperf, and is based in Marseille, France. * Octoperf is a full-stack cloud load testing SaaS platform. It allows developers to test the design performance limits of mobile apps and websites in a realistic virtual environment. As a startup, we are attempting to use containers to change the load testing paradigm, and deliver a platfrom that can run on any cloud, for a fraction of the cost of existing approaches.

May 31, 2016
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Recently we announced the availability of Mesos as a new type of environment in Rancher. In our June meetup, we provided an introduction to running Mesos, and demonstrated how to easily deploy Mesos environments on any infrastructure in minutes. In this meetup we discussed some of the workloads that are well suited for Mesos, and demonstrated how to easily deploy Mesos frameworks such as Marathon and Chronos. We have included the video and slides below, and you can jump to any of the sections easily by following the links below: